I felt so helpless watching the lives of others change forever. Knowing I can give something to the victims is in my control. Thanks for the quick reply! And thanks for spearheading this in response to such overwhelming tragedy. Money well spent. Or should I say invested. Tuscaloosa will be built back bigger and better than ever. I have a bunch of wrinklef, but perfectly good clothes I have in garbage bags. I’d like to donate them somehow, but I’m in Michigan. What’s the best way to do this? Molly, We will see if anyone has set up a drop off point in Michigan. As soon as we have some information we will get it back to you. Thanks for your willingness to help. After I heard the stories and saw the footage of displaced famillies and pets, it broke my heart that so many people are left with nothing. I decided to allocate the funds I was going to spend on a new pair of shoes for myself and instead donated that money to the Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund and Humane Society of Alabama. I figured I can go without a new pair of shoes if that means helping others get their lives back. You are all in my thoughts and I’m so sorry for your losses! I am a UA student in the Chicagoland area, and would love to set up a drop off in the area or help in any other way I can. If there is any information I need on how to help I would really appreciate it! I want to make a contribution in memory of someone. Do you send acknowledgement letters to the family of the person being memorialized? I am going to be spearheading a collection of supplies in our community & will be bringing them in a box truck filled with supplies to bring to your town & wasn’t sure where I should bring it to in the next month. Any insight would be wonderful! Thanks You & God Bless Our elementary school held a walk-a-thon to raise money for our upcoming school year and we would like to donate 1/2 of it to Tuscaloosa. Our elementary school is kindergarten thru six grade and we would like to show the students what their money was used for. Is there any way we can get pictures emailed to us of some of the relief efforts that you are doing or something specific our funds would be used for (like food or clothes or rebuilding/clean up efforts) was so moved by the article in Sports Illustrated that he campaigned in the last week of school for “project Tuscaloosa” and “pennies for Tuscaloosa” in his third grade class, my work site, and my husband’s work site. In one week, he raised over $250 to be donated to your cause. I often have conversations with moms about teaching our kids to think beyond themselves. I was so proud when he did this because it showed me that the potential is there for him to care for others and want to help in times of need. Thanks for your article and a chance to talk to you.


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